1966 Aston Martin DB6 Mk.1

1966 Aston Martin DB6 Mk.1

  • An earlier model, DB6 Mk.1 this example was produced in 1966
  • Last of the DB series that had evolved from its predecessor DB4 and DB5

The DB6 was unveiled at the London Motor Show in 1965.
It is the last of the DB series that had evolved from its predecessor DB4 and DB5.
Extending the roof line by 2 inches and securing extra headroom and elongating the wheelbase by 4 inches compared to the DB5, the renowned 007 Bond Car, the DB6 realized a more comfortable space for customers seated in the back seats, providing an answer for the best 4 seated grand tourer.

At that time, trying to make the space even more comfortable, compared to the DB5, the DB6 had a heavier feel and thus received criticism from a few fanatics for lacking beauty as a sports car.
But now days, its revaluation as the epitome of modern-day grand tourer with its sophisticated design is on the rise again, especially the coda tronca style tail.
Although DB4 and DB5 used the premier Carrozzeria “Touring” patented “Superleggera” method, DB6 instead used the more efficient press metal body structure. Compared to the DB5, the body is only 8 kg heavier (Expanding the body size, the vehicle body weight increased by 40kg ), a vehicle with superb weight distribution.

Equipped with a 3,995 cc inline 6 engine and triple SU carburetor, it has a maximum output of 5,500 rpm and 282 bhp.
The maximum speed is 150 mph, 0→60 mph acceleration is only 7 seconds. It certainly had the high performance necessary to be called the ultimate “DB”.

This example is a narrow body Mk.1 with a white elegant body color and equipped with an option “TUDOR / WEBASTO”” leather top sun roof.
The chassis number“2826R” was produced in 1966. The example is an earlier model, DB6 Mk.1 and records show that the car had been imported and registered in Japan in 1989.



¥35,000,000 -

Chassis No. DB6/2826R
Mileage 8,900km

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