1968 Datsun Fairlady 2000(SR311)

1968 Datsun Fairlady 2000(SR311)

  • Original paint
  • Equipped with genuine jack / spare tires
  • One with extremely high originality
  • Installed with a genuine LSD (also comes with a normal differential gear)

SR311 type "Fairlady 2000" released in May 1965 as an addition to "Fairlady 1600.” The 2ℓ straight 4 SOHC U20 type engine is installed in the elegant open two-seater where the shoulder line drops toward the tail end. The fuel was supplied by two Sorex 44φ carburetors, boasted specs of 145ps / 6000rpm and 18.0kgm / 4000rpm, which was exceptional for a 2ℓ class at that time. Then a 5-speed MT with Porsche Synchro was combined.
Given such a powertrain, the "Fairlady 2000" was overpowered by 910kg, which was 10kg lighter than the "Fairlady 1600" with no heater or radio. According to the data at that time, the acceleration time of 0-400m was 15.4 seconds and the maximum speed was 205km / h.
As a side note, it is said that over 200 km / h over in domestic cars "Fairlady 2000" is the first time.The high-power performance was fully demonstrated in the race. At the 4th Japan Grand Prix held in 1967 and the 1968 Japan Grand Prix, the GT class monopolized the podium. In 1968, at Monte Carlo Rally Group 3, the results were 3rd in its class and 9th overall.

Many vehicles have various modifications because they have a lot of racing history, but the originality of this individual is by far the highest. Where there are genuine jacks, spare wheels, manuals, etc., it is a major factor that the current owner inherited from the original owner in 1980 and maintained the moving body for 40 years. In addition, many maintenance records are also kept.

The hood, steering, shift knob, wheels, and wheel caps are maintained from original. Furthermore, in order to avoid creases, the hood was removed when riding and stored indoors with the hood stretched during storage, you can say that it has been kept in high condition for an original. The paint is also original and it is in good condition. The front and rear bumpers are re-plated.

It can be said that a vehicle with such a high degree of originality and a lot of owner history and maintenance record books are exceedingly rare.

* The meter was replaced with the current meter at 24,900 km (1980).



¥6,300,000 -

Chassis No. SR311-03244
Mileage 34,330km

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