1970 CITROEN DS 21

1970 CITROEN DS 21

  • The magic carpet on wheels
  • Fantastic design by Flaminio Bertoni
  • Original interior
  • Spare glass for the rear window

A revolution of passenger cars....There is no better way to describe the Citroen DS 21 that rolled out of the factory in 1955. Even today, the spaceship-looking design, has an otherworldly presence. Anywhere you go in this vehicle, you are sure to be the center of attention in this Framinio Bertoni-designed vehicle. Not only that, the Citroen patented technology, the “hydropnneumatic” suspension system provides comfort and handling, absorbing the shock from the streets and provides sofa-like comfort. Combined with the velour seat, it offers “magic carpet-like” feel to its passengers.

This example was imported by Watanabe Jidousha (automobile) in Nagoya. Besides the exterior being painted metallic black, it comes with the original Clarion audio stereo and in the center console the KIENZLE analog watch is imbedded. Both the exterior and interior remains in its original condition.

Originally, the wiper came only with an on/off switch, but the speed control for everyday usage has been added. The interior and exterior shows some age but considering it has been over 50 years since it was produced, it is in pretty good shape.



¥2,800,000 -

Chassis No. 4642812DS21
Mileage 36,200km

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