1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 (993)

1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 (993)

It is not an overstatement to say this vehicle is “miracle".

1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 (Type 993) was purchased by Tohoku Motor Sales, which has been a regular Porsche dealer for 35 years since the 1980s. It was purchased as a new car and one to be kept in an unregistered state by the former president without being sold so he could ride it after retirement. However, unfortunately the former president died without retiring. Since then, it has been kept carefully in an indoor warehouse until today, and there is no doubt that this individual is truly a "new car / unregistered".

This fact alone is rare enough, but the scarcity of the Japanese 911 Carrera 4 makes it even more miraculous.

The “993”, the last model of the 911 equipped with an air-cooled Flat 6 engine, was produced between 1993 and 1998. The air-cooled 911 as known as "frog face", which features a raised front fender that lowers the peak of the front fender, tilts the headlights, and changes the tail-end design to create a more modern exterior. In addition, the innovation inherited by the water-cooled 911 can be seen everywhere, such as the adoption of a multi-link type rear suspension and the improvement of the exhaust system by independent left and right equal length manifolds.
A particularly rare type of such 993 type 911 is Carrera 4 of Japanese specification. The 993 type Carrera 4 equipped with a viscous coupling type four-wheel drive system was launched in 1995. The engine to be mounted is a flat 6 of 3.6ℓ like the two-wheel drive carrera in the European version, but the engine with the displacement increased to 3.8ℓ was installed to only Japanese version.
Although there are various reasons for this, one of the most promising reasons is that Mitsuwa Motor, which was a regular importer and distributor at that time, mistakenly claimed "3.8 engine mounted" and received a sales order. The theory that only the specification was 3.8ℓ.
The production volume is only 75 units, which is less than the Carrera RS's 1104 units and in terms of rarity, the 993 type is the most unusual. So to speak, the Porsche company made "a very rare model" only for the Japanese market.
The Carrera 4 engine of Japanese specification has the first half type and the second half type as well as the 3.6ℓ flat 6 for the Carrera, the latter type (M64 / 05S) with 285 ps, the latter type with the variable intake mechanism Varioram (M64 / Generates 300ps maximum output at 21S). The "S" attached to the engine type is a proof that it is "special".
This individual is a late model equipped with Varioram, the exterior has a classic color scheme of arctic silver metallic with black leather interior. Silver caliper, silver emblem, front clear indicator lends are equipped exclusively for Carrera 4, and as options for the carrera S power kit (X51), 17 inch cup wheel (with exclusive center cap), rear window wiper, Also equipped with retronic headlights.
As a proof that the it is a brand-new car and not been registered, the “Delivery and Inspection and Maintenance” page of the Inspection and Maintenance Record Book is not listed, and the factory-installed seat cover has still been remained. The display of the odometer is only 195km, keeping the condition that can be called a miracle. With such rare conditions like this, will be able to assert that it will not appear again in the future.




Chassis No. WP0ZZZ99ZVS312625
Mileage 195km

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