"Barchetta Chuvolale." A small and lightweight race machine with a nickname that combines Barchetta, which means "small boat,” and Tubulare, which means "steel pipe frame" in Italian defines this Fiat Abarth 1000SP (Sports Prototipo).

The Abarth 1000SP was planned and manufactured according to the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) racing vehicle regulations "Group 4 (Gr.4).” Carlo Abarth, which has won many wins in the "GT class" 750GT Zagato, 750 record Monza Zagato, 1000 Vialbero, and "850 / 1000TC" in the "Touring car class,” is the category that has pursued more performance. It made a debut in actual battle in April 1966 as an evolution system of the 750 Sport Spider Tobulare, a pure racing machine with a steel pipe space frame manufactured with a focus on "Sport prototype class.”

The 1000SP is Abarth's first mass-produced sports spider and also the first mid-ship production model. The steel tube space frame was designed by Mario Colucci, a well-known engineer who once worked on the Julia TZ at Alfa Romeo. Wearing a curvy FRP Barchetta body, the engine is equipped with a twin cam water-cooled in-line 4-cylinder called "Tipo229A" with a displacement of 1000cc and a compression ratio of 11.5, producing a maximum output of 105ps and maximum torque of 11.5kgm.

This is a late model with a 5-speed gearbox made by Hewland, not by Abarth, and has been kept in active state for a long time by a collector in Japan. It is possible to register domestically if you modify each part, and the most attractive part is that you can enjoy running on public roads by participating in classic car rallies, even though it is a pure racing machine.



Frame No. SE.04-0049

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