1978 Yamaha TZ350

1978 Yamaha TZ350

  • Engine has never been started nor ran
  • Single owner for 42 years
  • Stored spare parts have also never been opened

In the debut year of 1973, at the Daytona 200 miles before the opening of the World Road Race GP (WGP), Yamaha TZ350’s prototype (YZ634) with a 2-stroke 2-cylinder 350cc Yamaha Works won against 2-stroke 3-cylinder 750cc high-powered machines such as Suzuki and Kawasaki and a 1-2-3 finish was achieved.

After that, while using some common parts with the TZ250 except for some parts, the front and rear brakes were made into discs, the rear suspension structure was updated to a cantilever type Monoshock in 1977. Furthermore, in 1979, the frame material was changed from steel to chromium molybdenum steel, and the swing arm was updated into aluminum alloy. In 1973, MV Agusta withdrew, and the 350cc class of WGP became Yamaha's sole venue, and TZ350 was supplied to privateers all over the world.

This individual is the 1978 TZ350 after the rear suspension structure was changed to a Monoshock. After purchasing from Yamaha at the time of sale, the owner maintains all parts, tires, and delivery parts. The owner has stored this example in his garage for 42 years without ever starting it. The spare parts, which came with the purchase, were stored without opening the wooden box, but they were unpacked to check the contents when exhibited, this was the only time it was opened. The parts list at that time also remains in perfect condition. It will be a unique opportunity to get the existing 2-stroke racing bike in its original condition.



¥1,000,000 -

Frame No. 383-996486
Engine No. R5

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