Frequently Asked Questions from Registered Bidders

Q. How can I join the auction as a bidder?
A. Please go to our website and find the “Registration” page. Once you register, we will contact you by either email or phone to verify your identity.

Q. How much is the registration fee?
A. The registration fee varies at each auction. The fee includes the official catalog for the auction and two admission tickets for the preview and the auction.

Q. Is it possible to register onsite on the day of the auction, or should I register prior to the auction?
A. You can register onsite on the day, but we recommend you register in advance so as to avoid the congestion at the venue.

Q. What do I need to register as a bidder?
A.Your passport and credit card(not expired) are required. If you register as a dealer, a copy of the registration certificate will be asked to submit.

Q. Is the registration fee refundable?
A. No, it is non-refundable.

Q. Why do I need to submit my credit card information?
A. We need your credit card information to refer to your credit history, but we will not keep the information nor share it with any third party.

Q. How can I make a payment?
A. We accept cash or bank transfer.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?
A. No, we do not accept payments by credit card.

Q. What happens if the bank transfer cannot be done by the end of the day?
A.We will ask you to issue the proof of payment if it takes a few days.

Q. Does the price include consumption tax?
A.Yes, the consumption tax is included in the successful bid price, but it will be refunded if you export the vehicle.

Q. Is there any other way to bid, if I am not able to be present at the venue?
A.Yes, you can also bid on the phone.

Q. How does the phone bidding work?
A.You can join from anywhere in the world. BH Auction’s representative will call your phone number that you provided before the lot is up for bidding.

Q.What is “absentee bidding?”
A. “Absentee bidding” means that you leave a maximum bid before the auction. A sales representative will bit as your proxy.

Q. Why does BH Auction set an "Estimate (expected bidding price range)" for each item?

A. An “Estimate” is meant to serve the purpose of a suggestion or a guideline of the item’s worth to be taken into consideration towards the buyers.

Q. What does “Offered Without Reserve” mean?

A. It means that this lot will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of the amount raised in the auction.

Q. What happens if the consigned vehicle does not reach the “Offer with Reserve” (the lowest bidding price) price?
A. The consignor can “pass” when it is clear that there are no other bidders interested in the consigned vehicle and withdraw the lot from the auction. Please contact us