How to Use the App

0.Complete the "Online Auction Membership Registration".

Please complete the ”Online Auction Membership Registration” prior to the day before the auction.

Registration fee FREE of charge!

Once you complete the registration for the "online" auction there is no need to register again for future "online" auctions.
Please proceed the registration from the link ”Online Auction Membership Registration” down below OR through the app.

Online Auction Membership Registration

1. Download the App

Compatible with both iOS and Android.

  • If you are using an iOS compatible model, here.
  • If you are using an Android compatible model, here. 

2.Log into the App

Enter your registered “E-mail address” and “Password” to login the App.

You will need to provide your e-mail address and password when logging into the app. If you check the "save password" checkbox, you will have a smoother login the second time.

Find the Consigned Items you wish to Bid On

There are two ways to search for the consigned items.

1. Consigned item list - Find the consigned items you wish to bid on from the list of all consigned items.

2. Search by keyword - Find the consigned items you wish to bid on by entering the keyword of the items.

*Please check our “Collectable Parts Online Auction” specialized webpage for further information.

3.Check the Details of the Consigned Items

If you find consigned items you wish to bid on, check the Lot order and further information regarding the items.

You can view several images of each lot on the app page as well as a short video if available.
(Videos will be Youtube links so the Youtube app will start-up if you press on the link)

Please check our BH AUCTION specialized webpage for more information and pictures.


“Pre-Bidding” is available if it is difficult for you to participate on the actual day of the auction.

If you wish to pre-bid, ” please check the details of the consigned items and register the price you wish to bid.

The “Pre-Bidding” period will be until 12:00pm JST of the day prior to the auction.

You can check your “Pre-Bid” items from pressing the “Pre-BID” page tab.

You could also Change/Cancel the “Pre-Bidding” items from pressing the “Pre-BID” page tab.

4.Participate in the Auction

Participate in the Auction and Bid

You can participate in the auction by pressing the “Hammer” button shown below in the main page. 


Description of the Auction Participation Page

❶ If the slider button is yellow, you will be able to make a bid

❷ The auction will start when the LIVE button turns ON

❸ When the consigned item you wish to bid on comes up, make sure to check that the ❶ slide button is yellow and press the “Bid” button to make a bid.

❹ If you bid for the highest price and have the right to become the successful bidder, the “YOU” icon will come up on the screen.

*You cannot bid consecutively if you bid for the highest price and have the right to become the successful bidder.

❺ You can convert the currency. (Conversion is based on the exchange rate at the time of the auction.)

5. Bidding on the day of the Auction

Bid Increment (the price at that moment)

Bid increments vary in 8 ways- ¥500・¥1,000・¥5,000・¥10,000・¥50,000・¥100,000・¥500,000・¥1,000,000 JPY.
The conductor will notify the bid increments per-auction and per-lot, but please check it beforehand as it will be written on each LOT page.

Almost at the Reserved Price! Icon

If the "Reserved Price Met!" icon(red) pops-up, the person who has the "You" icon on the screen will have the right to become the final successful bidder.
Until the "Reserved Price Met!" icon(red) pops-up, any other person can still bid continuously even if you have the "You" icon on your screen.

"Almost at the Reserved Price!"(yellow) means that the LOT almost has met the reserved price.

The Sign that the Auction is Ending

If there is no new biddings during the『Final call (3 times)』by the conductor, the auction for the consigned item will end.

If another bidding is made during the 『Final call (3 times)』, the conductor will restart the『Final call』from the 1st call.

After becoming the Successful Bidder

If the “YOU” icon is shown on the screen during the『Final call (3 times)』, the “Congratulations” pop-up will appear on the screen with the『SOLD!!』call by the conductor!

*We will send you the necessary information regarding the Shipment and Payment process to your registered e-mail address.


When another Bidder becomes the Successful Bidder or when the Lot does not Sell.

When another Bidder becomes the Successful Bidder, there will be a pop-up stating “SOLD” and we will move on to the next lot.

If the bidding of the consigned item fails, there will be a pop-up stating “NEXT” and we will move on to the next lot. 

If the Bidding Heats Up

When the hammer price exceeds the estimated price, there will be a pop-up stating "STOP" and we will pause all biddings momentarily.

This "STOP" pop-up will also appear during signs of system errors as well.

There will be occasions where we will contact the bidder via phone. When you receive our call, kindly let the operator know if you are still willing to bid or not.

The call will come from the following number: +81-3-5511-2777

6 .Contents to Check Before and After the Auction.

Please Thoroughly Read our "Terms and Conditions" Prior to the Auction.

The "Terms and Conditions" you have agreed on will also be available on the App. Please thoroughly read it again before the auction begins.


After the auction, please double-check your successful lot(s).

After the auction, we will be sending out information regarding the payment. Please check the lots that you have become the successful bidder for, and make sure that there are no mistakes. 


*For Inquiries

For Inquiries regarding the Auction or the App, please contact us from the below email address:

When inquiring, please kindly state your name, contact information, along with your inquiry.