Collectable Parts Online Auction

2020/10/17 SAT

Collectable Parts Online Auction

We are planning to hold a Collectable Parts Online Auction on December 8th (Tue)-9th(Wed) 2020.

Same as the SUPER GT Online Charity Auction, this will be an online auction using an app.

Please check how to use the app, here.

Please take note that if you have registered for the SUPER GT Online Charity Auction, there is no need to register again for future BH online auctions including this collectable parts auction.

Auction Schedule


December 8th (Tue):Japanese Legend Parts Auction

17:00 - Auction Start

LOT.100 - : ワンプッシュ売り切り|No-reserve

LOT.200 - : Japanese Classic"旧車” Engine

LOT.220 - : Japanese Classic"旧車” Parts

LOT.250 - : TOYOTA 2000GT Parts

December 9th(Wed):Super Car Parts Auction

17:00 - Auction Start

LOT.300 - : ワンプッシュ売り切り|No-reserve

LOT.400 - : Automobilia

LOT.410 - : Porsche Parts

LOT.460 - : Lamborghini Parts

LOT.480 - : McLaren F1 Parts

LOT.500 - : Ferrari Parts

LOT.550 - : Foundation|寄付

- Auction will start

*The schedule might be subject to change 

  • Participants who complete their app registration and accept the auction terms set by BH Auction will be eligible to bid by using the dedicated app
  • During October 2~October 6 , 2020, JST we experienced some issues with the system and were unable to accept online auction registration from our website.
    As of October 7, 10am 2020, JST the server has been restored and all the issues have been solved and our website is operating again.
Collectable Parts Online Auction

What to Expect Prior to the Auction

The deadline for the registration will be December 7th (Mon.) 12:00pm JST 2020.

Those who wish to participate must complete the bidder registration. They will be deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Use when the bidder registration is completed, so be sure to check the "Terms and Condition | Terms of Use" prior to register as a bidder.

By completing the member registration, you will receive a confirmation email from

Please save your e-mail address and password as it will be required later on when using the app to participate.

Please check how to use the app, here.

It might take about one business day to login in to the application.

If you have trouble logging into the app after registration, please contact us via

We will be sending several emails related to the following topics to the address you used to register:

  • Additional listing information
  • Auction details
  • Information after a successful bid

We will send the above information from (

Please set the permission to receive emails from "" in advance by specifying the domain so that you can receive emails later on sent again from this domain.

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