1971 Mercedes-Benz 600 Limousine in Exceptional Condition Will be Up for TOKYO AUCTION


2019/04/26 FRI

1971 Mercedes-Benz 600 Limousine

Chassis No.

Mileage: 55,664km


Amongst the top-grade limousine W100 series by Mercedes-Benz, the short wheel-base(3,200mm) 600 Limousine, often refered to as SWB, was especially designed to offer enjoyment of driving.

This vehicle was parallel imported to Japan from California, the USA in 1987. Since then it has been under great care by one passionate car enthusiast for 32 years.

The constant care and maintenance inspections have been conducted by Yanase Co., Ltd., then long-time certified Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Its 6.3-liter M100, a new 90° V8 engine developed to power this grand model with air suspension realises a smooth, comfortable ride.

After all the 48 years of its history, this limousine still gives you a strong yet impressively smooth driving experience.

The innovative hydraulic system works perfectly to offer smooth operations of the trunk lid and the power windows. Its interior is also kept in an excellent condition.

The 1971 Mercedes-Benz 600 Limousine will be exhibited at TOKYO AUCTION on June 8 (Sat) and 9 (Sun).

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