Porsche Carrera Cup Japan (PCCJ) 2019 Round 4 Final Results


2019/05/05 SUN

【PCCJ Round 4 Final Results】

 It was a beautiful day to race for the PCCJ Round 4 Finals with a sunny beautiful sky and spectacular view of Mount. Fuji in the background. Two of BH Motorsports' fellow drivers, #60 LM Corsa/BINGO RACING, RYO OGAWA and #31 Nine RACING, YUTA KAMIMURA showed the crowd a heated battle truly worth watching!

Despite the fact that #31 KAMIMURA and #60 OGAWA both made a perfect start maintaining their positions, KAMIMURA ended up leading the race leaving quite the gap in the first couple of rounds. #78 TAKUYA OTAKI (SKY RACING) who placed 3rd in PCCJ Round 3 on May 3rd, made a mistake during the start which allowed #19 UKYO SASAHARA (Porsche Japan Junior Program) to catch up to OGAWA in 2nd place. However, OGAWA maintained calm and was able to focus on lessening the distance between himself and KAMIMURA in the lead.

 #9 BINGO RACING/LM Corsa SHINJI TAKEI was able to avoid the chaos during the start and moved from 8th place to 5th. #51 BINGO RACING/LM Corsa TSUGIO HARUYAMA was also able to move up from 21st place to 19th.

 Towards the end of the race, #31 KAMIMURA and #60 OGAWA continued to show the crowd an exciting, breathtaking battle. OGAWA did not give up until the final lap and continued to attempt to pass KAMIMURA but he wasn't quite able to do so.

 After the race , it was truly a picturesque moment to witness OGAWA and KAMIMURA shaking hands congratulating each other after stepping out of the vehicle regardless of the heated battle they just went through.

 #9 SHINJI TAKEI and #51 TSUGIO HARUYAMA also were both able to place higher ranks than the previous race allowing us to look forward to their next battle to be held at Suzuka Circuit later this month!

【Bingo Racing / LM Corsa Official Results】

#60 RYO OGAWA      2nd place
#9 SHINJI TAKEI     5th place
#51 TSUGIO HARUYAMA 19th place

【Nine RACING Official Results】

#31 Yuta Kamimura (Nine Racing) 1st place
#32 Hideki Nagai (Nine Racing) 13th place

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