2019 All Japan Road Race Championship ST600 Round 4 Report


2019/06/28 FRI

The fourth round of the All Japan Road Race Championship took place at the Tochigi Tsukuba Circuit for two races, where # 1 Yuki Okamoto and # 51 Kaito Sekino partook from 51 Garage Nitro Racing also sponsored by BHJ Motorsport and BH AUCTION.

Following the qualifying session on the morning of the 22nd, the race 1 was held in the afternoon. With the varying track condition from wet to dry, Okamoto started from third in the front row and was in the battle for the position but finished fourth with a slight gap eventually. Sekino, on the other hand, ended up in 18th from 27th starting position.

On the following day, the race 2 was held under cloudy sky with the dry track condition. Okamoto recorded the top time during the warm-up session in the morning. He made a good start from the pole position and took the holeshot. He didn’t allow anyone to overtake him and remained at top and claimed his win. Sekino moved up from 28th to 17th.

Okamoto said "I’ve had the roughest feeling to Tsukuba among all of the courses of All Japan Road Race Championship because I have got a serious injury at turn 1 before, and Tsukuba is the No. 1 course in the All-Japan. I think I could have overcome it through this race.”

“The results of the qualifying session were bad, and I needed to concentrate on recovering from them during the races. I’m tackling the task to raise qualifying positions each and every race and I also feel the progress, so I will keep pushing to get satisfactory results,” said Sekino.

Takahiro Sohwa, the team manager, commented "The race 1 ended up with a quite disappointing result for Okamoto, so he concentrated on adjusting his machine to win the race 2, I believe. Speaking of Sekino, he has enough potential to finish 15th or above. We have to do our best in the environment where we are. We will aim better results at the next stop, Okayama International Circuit. "

The All Japan Road Race Championship has ended its first half. The next round will be held at the Okayama International Circuit from August 31st to September 1st.


#1 YUKI OKAMOTO Race1 Qualfying 3rd Race 4th
         Race2 Qualfying PP Race Win

#51 KAITO SEKINO Race1 Qualfying 27rd Race 18th
         Race2 Qualfying 27rd Race 17th
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