Nicola Bulgari SUZUKA 10H Concours d'Elegance


2019/07/20 SAT

BHJ Co., Ltd. and Mobility Land Co., Ltd. (operators of Suzuka Circuit) are proud to announce that we will co-sponsor and conduct a “Nicola Bulgari SUZUKA 10H Concours d'Elegance” event during the 2019 48th Summer Endurance Race "BH Auction SMBC Suzuka 10 Hour Endurance Race." During the event, a wide variety of rare valuable vehicles will be exhibited, examined, and judged.

Regarding the schedule, (Sat) August 24th will be the exhibition and examination day and the award ceremony will take place on (Sun) August 25th the following day.

The awards include the Nicola Bulgari Award (1st place), the Ed Welburn Award, the Masaaki Sakai Award, and also the prize to participate in the driver's parade prior to the F1 Japan Grand Prix finals held on (Sun) October 6th (convertibles only), as well as an invitation to Bvlgari Japan's VVIP lounge (top three award winners only).

For those who are interested in participating, please follow the application guidelines for further details.

■ Application Guidelines
1. Target vehicles: Open-body vehicles manufactured before 1980 (there are no definite standards regarding the country of manufacture, the manufacturer, the number of passengers)
2. Those who can exhibit entry vehicles at Suzuka Circuit on (Sun) August 25th, 2019
※ Document screening will be conducted in advance
3. Those who can participate in the F1 Japan Grand Prix Driver's Parade on (Sun) October 6th, 2019 when winning the prize
(Staying at Suzuka Circuit from 9:00 to 15:00 is mandatory)

■ Entry Fee
50,000 JPY (tax excluded)
*This includes SUZUKA 10H spectating tickets, usage of the Hospitality Lounge (Lunch and beverages on Sunday), V1 / B / Q area reserved seats
※ We will send successful contestants an e-mail regarding payment information after the document screening process.

■ Prize Winning Bonus
1. Concours d'Elegance Prize (Trophy · Award plaque)
2. 2019 F1 Japan Grand Prix pair watching tickets (Selected seats ※The area and position of the tickets are fixed)
3. A photograph of the F1 Driver's Parade
4. BVLGARI Japan Invitation to the VVIP Lounge (Top 3 Awards)
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