BH AUCTION has become the series partner for SUPER GT!


2020/02/02 SUN

BH AUCTION CO., LTD. (CEO: Shinji Takei) and GT ASSOCIATION (GTA CO., LTD.) who manages SUPER GT (CEO: Masaaki Bando), has officially formed a series partnership for the 2020 Super GT series season.

BH AUCTION and SUPER GT have been collaborating since 2019 with the aim of developing an auction business centered on racing cars and the development of the "SUPER GT Classic" series, which will serve as a platform for vehicles to be utilized even after the auctions. The series partnership will lead to the presentation of new business schemes not only for SUPER GT, but also for the entire motorsports scene in Japan. Furthermore, we aim to strengthen the ties between the entrants and manufacturers with the upper-class overseas clients who participate in auctions through financing, the outsourcing of machine maintenance, and the establishment of a classic race series comparable to those of Europe and the United States in the APAC region, starting from Japan.
BH AUCTION and SUPER GT are planning to hold a racing car-based auction twice this year in 2020, under the title, “SUPER GT AUCTION,” and are in the process of coordinating a “SUPER GT Classic” pre-event this year.
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