Retoromobile Report


2020/02/12 WED

The stars at Retromobile were definitely race cars.

The number of them were overwhelming. The rise of new generational machines, such as the GT cars (including the sports prototypes) from the 60s and on, especially those from the 80s to 2000s, with the LeMan Classic in mind was remarkable. They were replacing the race cars from the pre-war to the 50s that raced in the classic rallies, such as the historic formula and Mille Miglia.

We had a chance to talk to Peter Auto, the organizer of the LeMan Classic. “Preparing a place and environment for the cars to drive is essential. In Japan, you have wonderful circuits and race culture. I think the timing is excellent that you are organizing the classic race series again. I am rooting for your success”. With our “Super GT Classic” proposal clutched in his hand, he spoke favorably about our next endeavor.

Japan is full of excellent historic artifacts, human resources and technology, and above all, passion for races. Addition to Japanese, including the upper-class Asian gentleman drivers, making good use of these resources, and constructing a place and scheme (auction is a very good place to buy/sell) in Japan. Seeing machines worthy of cultural heritage status (only part of it is pictured), and the people looking at them with excitement in their eyes, I felt there was unlimited possibilities.

So, there it is Japanese Race officials, the timing to act is right now.

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