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2020/06/21 SUN

GT Association Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter, GTA), which operates SUPER GT, has confirmed to consign!

From GTA, the right to wave the checkered flag at the goal of the final race of Round 6 at Suzuka Circuit will be exhibited.

Waving the checkered flag is a special right usually limited to race sponsors and celebrities. It will be a unique opportunity to be able to swing the checkered flag, which announces the goal and ending of the race, at the Suzuka Circuit where F1 will also be held at the special stage of the final race of Japan's top-tier race "SUPER GT."

Please take note that this right is an exhibition on the premise that it will be held when the 6th round is held in a crowd mobilization race. If Round 6 is an un-spectated race due to the spread of COVID19, it is possible that the implementation will be postponed until the subsequent spectator-okay race (including the 2021 season).

If you wish to bid, please complete your membership registration by July 25th from the SUPER GT Online Charity Auction special page.

Please refer to the following page for product and participation/application details.

Bidder registration is required in order to participate in the auction.
The application period is until Saturday, July 25th, so please register as soon as possible!

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