1976 Nissan Skyline Hardtop 2000GT (C-GC111)

  • Has only covered about 50,000km
  • In excellent condition
  • 5-speed manual gearbox
  • Highly original

Introduced in 1972 as the 4th generation Skyline, the “Kenmeri” was a sales success thanks to its marketing strategy and numerous trim levels. The exterior of the car has been well maintained, with no major rust or dirt in the visible areas such as the body, exhaust tips and bumpers, but also in areas not visible from the outside such as the light mounts and engine compartment. The same applies to the interior. The wood steering wheel and panels are in such good condition that it is easy to forget that the car was sold in the Showa era. From the floor mats around the pedals to the door linings, it's clear that this car has been well looked after by its previous owner. This car is highly original.
This car is a 1976 KGC110 2000GT 2-door hardtop, among the last models produced. The engine is a 130hp L20E which was adapted to the exhaust gas regulation of the time which is why it has an NAPS emblem on the rear. Many Kenmeris today have the larger L28 engine swapped in, so it’s rare to find one with the L20E, especially in such good condition. The gearbox is a 5-speed manual which gives it a sportier feel and makes it more fun to drive.
Four months after the launch of the 2000GT, the GT-R version of the Kenmeri came out with the famous S20 engine. However, stricter emissions regulations at the time, made it impossible for the GT-R to meet them so its production ended after just 197 units were produced. The new GT-R was poised to continue making history for Nissan in motorsport but it unfortunately never raced. However the fact that it never raced could be one of the reasons for its popularity, people dreamed of the Kenmeri GT-R on track so instead they build versions of what could have been.
As one of the most popular Skyline generations, Kenmeri prices have been increasing for some time now and are one of the most expensive classic Japanese cars regardless of their condition.
The Kenmeri had an important role in the Skyline’s history and has left its mark; the four circular tail-lights have featured in every GT-R since.



Chassis No. GC111-034665
Odometer : 52,112km