1985 Renault 5 Turbo2 Maxi

  • One of only 200 "Maxi" built
  • Group 4 Homologation Model
  • Only 9,130km on the odometer
  • Mint condition vehicle

The base model of the Cinq turbo, Renault 5 (Cinq), was released in 1972. It is a compact FF car with a naturally aspiration four-cylinder engine. It is a masterpiece utility vehicle with a 92hp engine and smooth riding that became a best-seller.

Because Renault had not won after Apine A110 in 1973, their enthusiasm to get back into rally racing had been on the rise. For this reason, they aimed to develop a Group 3 vehicle. To enhance the performance, the engine and transmission was moved to the back of the seats and changed to a mid-ship layout. Going through a complete make over from a FF masterpiece utility vehicle to a rear wheel drive at the Dieppe Alpine Factory.

The vertical engine was supplied by the Garret T3 turbo charger and at 6,000rpm, it generated 160 ps. The car required a larger air intake to cool the engine and radiator placed in the rear. Also to accommodate the larger rear tire, a characteristic blister fender was used. Also, using technologies such as the coil spring which gained high marks with Alpine A310, the suspension of the vehicle was much improved. Weighing only 970kg, the machine is capable of 0-60mph in 7.1 seconds and recorded 125mph (approx. 200km/h).

As soon as the production started in 1980, it reached 400 cars produced, the minimum number of homologation. By 1983, 1,300 vehicles were produced. From 1983, it became the basic edition, Cinq Turbo, and before the production ended in 1986 5,007 were produced.

Different from the earlier version Cinq Turbo called turbo 1, Turbo 2 part of the body is made of steel, not aluminum. Plus, more color variations and options were available. The design of indicators for Turbo 2 is simpler compared to turbo 1 which had a unique symmetrical design.

Originally developed to participate in Group 3, it ended up as a Group 4 car. From 1981 (Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo), up to the Rally Championship (Pally of Portugal) in 1986 they accumulated four wins.

The car put up for auction is Cinq Turbo 2 Maxi, a special version of the final edition car, 5 turbo 2. Only 200 Maxi were built. The displacement was enlarged to 1432cc and the interior has not changed. The original color of gloss black (Noir 655) retains the new-car shine. There is definitely no way you will come a cross a car of this condition again.


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Chassis No. VF1822100F0010153
Mileage 9,130km