• - Made by the top rider of SUZUKI Works
  • - Original steel frame with a "KATANA" silhouette
  • - Equipped with a GSX-R 1000 Engine
  • - All compartments have been strengthened by specialized parts
  • Marked a lap time in the 58 second margin at Tsukuba Circuit
  • - Made a debut win at the ‘Taste of Tsukuba’


This is a special machine called ‘KAGAYAMA KATANA-R 1000’, which was produced by the Japanese top rider, Yukio Kagayama, who participated in all races in the British Superbike Championship (BSB) in 2003 and became the first Japanese rider that had ridden in the entire season. He also took part in the World Superbike Championship (SBK) starting from 2005.

Before BSB, he was also renowned as a Suzuki's works team rider. He is definitely a ‘Specialist of Suzuki’ who launched his own team named ‘Team KAGAYAMA’ in 2011 and returned to the All Japan Road Race Championship with Suzuki’s motorcycles. This one-off machine was produced to enter the "Taste of Tsukuba" held at the Tsukuba Circuit by this specialist.

The frame is made of original steel retaining Katana’s silhouette, and is equipped with a powerful GSX-R1000 engine manufactured in 1996. After upgrading each part, mechanics of the ‘Team KAGAYAMA’ spent half a year to finish the production starting from the end of All Japan Road Race Championship season in 2017.

Its shakedown run took place at Twin Ring Motegi in April, 2018. The first run on the Tsukuba Circuit suddenly marked the lap time of 1 minute 00 seconds, and on the second run it almost broke the lap record of the Hercules Class of 58 seconds 077 by 0.8 second.

It claimed a superb debut win during the ‘Taste of Tsukuba,’ where high-level battles unfold even though it is the amateur racing series. It demonstrated the strength of the all-Japan team and the level of machine production.

It still maintains the ready-to-race condition, and settings will be conducted on request basis by the successful bidder (separate cost required). The fastest katana tailored by top riders in Japan, we hope you enjoy that ability by all means.



Frame No. GS75X-109776