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Collection Car Auction - Collection No.7

1971 Subaru FF-1 1300G(A15)

  • ▶Top of the range “GL” model
  • ▶Has spent many years in storage, requires full recommissioning before it can be used

The Subaru FF-1 1300G was released in July 1970, with the “G” standing for “gorgeous” and “great”. The interior and exterior were updated from the predecessor, and the displacement was increased from 1088 cc to 1267 cc.

The car's success can be attributed in part to the boom in demand for personal cars. At that time, the 1000-1300 cc class car market had become a fierce battlefield with many manufacturers competing for sales. The FF-1 was also widely exported to the US, where it was equipped with a semi-trailing arm suspension to ensure running stability in different speed ranges.

The FF-1 also saw success in the motorsport scene, in rallying, hill climbs and gymkhana. In June 1970, the FF-1 participated in the 5th Baja 500 Mile Race (Baja500) in Mexico, placing 20th overall and 3rd in class.

While not in production for very long, the FF-1 series are some of the most famous cars in Subaru history, with more than 4000 cars being registered per month at the beginning of sales.

This particular car is a 1971 "1300G GL'' model. It is equipped with a single-cab specification "EA62 type" engine, and its maximum output is 80PS / 6,400rpm. Although the exterior has deteriorated over time in some places, it is still in relatively good condition, and there are no major defects in the large atypical fisheye type tail lamp adopted in 1971.

The sticker from that time remains on the triangular window on the passenger seat side. The interior also reflects years of wear but the seats and door panels are not torn, and the original condition is maintained. Due to spending many years indoors in storage, the car requires full maintenance before it can run.




Mileage 78,451km
Chassis No. A15-017802