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1964 Mercedes Benz 230SL

1964 Mercedes Benz 230SL

  • Early model of second generation SL
  • Equipped with four-speed manual transmission
  • With “Pagoda roof” (hardtop)
  • An example in mint condition

As the second generation of the SL series following the legendary 300SL and its secondhand 190SL, the 230SL, equipped with a 2.3ℓ inline six-cylinder engine with Bosch made mechanical pump (mechanical fuel injection system), debuted at the 1963 Geneva motor show. The 230SL was the early model of the type-W113 SL series followed by the 250SL (from 1967) and 280SL (from 1968), which features "vertical eye lights" and "Pagoda roof" (a hardtop with a concave center section). 19,831 units were produced in four years (5,196 for the 250SL and 23.885 for the 280SL), (5,196 for the 250SL and 23,885 for the 280SL).

The 230SL was positioned as a more comfortable grand touring car rather than a pure sports car that was directly related to racing machines, and was equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission and power steering. However, its performance was not to be underestimated. There is a record when the 230L was driven by Rudolph Uhlenhaut, a technical executive at Daimler AG with an extensive racing experience, it was only 0.2 seconds slower than the Ferrari 250GT (with 3ℓ engine) driven by racing driver Mike Parkes.

This is one of the stylish 1965 230SL with a white body and a black “Pagoda roof” with wheel caps. It comes with the rare 4-speed manual transmission which brings you to exciting driving even if you want to compete in classic car rallies. And since until the 250SL series the seats do not have headrests, it gives the additional classic and clean look .

he interior, exterior, and engine are all in good condition, and at the 2019 F1 Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka, the car carried Mercedes team ace driver Lewis Hamilton in the driver's parade before the race (the driver's name sticker from that time still remains).


Chassis No. 113042-10-001777
Mileage 90,000km