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1967 Nissan Prince Skyline 1500DX "S57" Restore Base

1967 Nissan Prince Skyline 1500DX "S57" Restore Base

  • Final model of Nissan Prince Skyline “S57”
  • Restored vehicle
  • Deregistered in July 9th, 1982

It debuted in 1963 as the second generation of Prince Skyline (type-S5). It was produced until 1968 with many improvements. Like the Skyline GT (S54A) became famous for its participation in the Japan Grand Prix - the legendary fierce battle with the Porsche 904, these generation vehicles were the pioneer of making the name “Skyline” as the admirable name for Japanese people.

This is the S57D 1500DX (Deluxe) that debuted in August 1967 which is the final model of the second generation Prince Skyline (which became the Nissan Prince Skyline after the merger of Nissan and Prince Motors in 1966). The engine was replaced from the type-G1 to the next-generation type-G15 1.5l inline four-cylinder OHC unit, which produced 88 hp.

After this vehicle was deregistered on July 9, 1982, the car was temporarily stored in a garage for a period of time, but since it had been stored outdoors for a long time, there are a lot of corrosion on the body and chassis, and requires specialized knowledge and a certain level of equipment and skills for restoration. However, since there are almost no missing parts such as the engine and other equipment, this could be the one to fully enjoy the restoration from the scratch!




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