2020/12/20 SUN


Showa Retro Car Expo Auction 2020

1968 FIAT 500

  • NUOVA 500 in very good condition that was restored recently
  • With a brand new carburetor and the engine system is also in good condition
  • Rattan made picnic box on the rear luggage carriers

The origin of the Fiat 500 can be traced back to the first generation 500 (name known as “Topolino”), which was introduced in 1936 and produced until 1955. However, the first thing that comes to mind when people think of the Fiat 500 even today is probably the second generation NUOVA 500, which was introduced in 1957.

The second generation, named NUOVA = “brand new”, was an ambitious vehicle with a completely new concept (rear engine car with monocoque body) rather than the latter model of the first generation Topolino. It was the NUOVA 500 which popularized the name "Cinquecento." A total of four million units were produced (in various model variations) until it stopped production in 1977, making it a huge bestseller by enthusiasts all over the world.

This is a late model (500F) made in 1968, with various modifications such as the modern rear-facing doors instead of the front-facing doors of the earlier model.

It was restored by an Italian specialist about three years ago, and the body, suspension, engine system, and interior are all in very good condition. It also comes with a genuine rear carrier and a rattan lunch box with plates and cutlery. The Cinquecento's compact body is a dream come true from a modern point of view, and we hope you will open up the well-made campus top and go for an exciting drive.




Chassis No. 1894443
Engine No. 1684407