2020/12/20 SUN


Showa Retro Car Expo Auction 2020

1968 Porsche 912

  • Late 1968 model year
  • Equipped with a 5-gauge dash
  • Certified by Porsche North America
  • Part of a collection from a 300SL specialist in Canada
  • Mint condition

In 1965, the 912 was introduced as the more affordable version of the Porsche 911. The engine used was the detuned version (to 90ps/5800rpm) of the1,582cc air-cooled flat-four engine which was used for the last of the 356 model. The engine type was changed to 616/36 at this point. The 4-speed MT transmission became standard and 5-speed MT was available as an option.

The five-gauge dash of the 911 was altered to a three-gauge dash for 912. As the more affordable model car, at the beginning a very distinguished difference existed, such as like its body the dash panel being made of steel. But when the B series arrived with the extended wheel base, the five-gauge dash was applied and the 5-speed MT became standard. Compared to the dynamic performance of that of 912, 911 was far behind but the light-weight engine worked well in this case, with an unique layout called RR, some people said the maneuverability was better than the 911.

Between 1965 to July of 1969, around 30, 000 cars were built and for models after 1967, a Targa top was in the lineup just like 911. Combined with a Burgundy red (color code: 6806) exterior and a black leather for its interior, the car put up for auction is a North American-version. This car was a possession of a Canadian classic Mercedes specialist (Especially known as a world-class authority figure for 300SL restoration), who was also known as a vintage car collector, Rudi Koniczek. It has been kept in mint condition, including a certificate from Porsche North America which notes an option of the bumper horn (collision safety overriders) for the front and rear, chrome wheel cap, auto antenna came as brand new options. It is in perfect condition with actual owners manual all available, a lot of the maintenance records present, and the VIN number and engine number perfectly matching.


Chassis No. 12803664
Mileage 79,000mile