2020/12/20 SUN


Showa Retro Car Expo Auction 2020

1969 Mazda Cosmosports(L10B)

  • Equipped with the world's first two-rotor rotary engine
  • Late model of maximum output of 128ps
  • Shared among brothers meticulously for 26 years
  • With maintenance record of 26 years
  • Highly original condition
  • Equipped with genuine option cooler system made by Diesel Equipment

The world's first car with a two-rotor rotary engine, the Cosmo Sport, was named "Cosmo," meaning "space," after the prototype that was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show (known as the All Japan Auto Show at that time) in October 1963. After more than 3 million kilometers of development and driving tests, including a series of high-speed endurance tests, the car was finally launched in May 1967.

The specifications which were claimed on the Cosmo Sport's catalog - total displacement of 491cc x 2, maximum output of 110ps, maximum speed of 185km/h, and acceleration from 0 to 400m in 16.3 seconds, which were astonishing for a domestic sports car at the time. It also attracted many fans with its low, streamlined styling that reminded them of the new era. With its packaging that took advantage of the rotary engine's advantages of small size and high output, the Cosmo Sport achieved monthly sales of around 30 units, which was unparalleled for a sports car of its time.

This is a late model (modified in 1968, the engine was changed from L10A to L10B, and the maximum output was increased from 110ps to 128ps) that has been shared among brothers meticulously for 26 years after purchasing the one-owner car. The engine was changed from L10A to L10B, and the maximum output was increased from 110ps to 128ps), and other than the repainting and reupholstering of the plaid seat fabric (non- genuine), the car is in its original condition. It is worth noting that the car is equipped with a cooler made by Diesel Equipment, which was a factory option priced at over 400,000 yen at the time. The cooler unit was placed in the luggage space at the rear of the car, and the cool air was blown out from the rear.

There are dozens of records of inspections and repairs over the past 26 years, and although the car is showing signs of age, it has been kept in good condition, including the engine.




Chassis No. L10B-10552
Mileage 24,000km