2020/12/20 SUN


Showa Retro Car Expo Auction 2020

1970 TOYOTA 2000GT

  • 2-liter inline-six DOHC engine. 150hp
  • Silver exterior with elegant bodyline
  • Late model with revised fog lamp design

Following the traditional sports car styling with an elegant long nose and short deck, complete with a retractable head light, the Toyota 2000 GT burst onto the scene in 1967 as the first genuine Japanese GT car. The engine was a 2-liter inline 6 DOHC which Yamaha Motors were heavily involved in development. At that time, capable of 150 horse power, it was the most powerful Japanese spec. Also, the 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and 4-wheel disk break, and rack and pinion steering, the vehicle was filled with high tech mechanism of the time. It remains very popular as one of the most famous and powerful Japanese GT cars.

This example with a revised fog lamp design is the late model. The silver exterior highlights the elegant bodyline. Yamaha’s wood processing technology is applied abundantly on the dashboard and the center console. Using top quality wood to create a highly detailed interior, it matches the status of this vehicle as the first Japanese GT car. Almost 50 years has passed since its birth, but it still retains the breath-taking beauty.

Chances of coming across a quality 2000GT continues to diminish, especially an example that has been carefully preserved by a collector. Also, the fact that this example is highly original adds to its value.


Chassis No. MF10-10477
Mileage 38,000km