2020/12/20 SUN


Showa Retro Car Expo Auction 2020


  • Early model “Hakosuka” with GT-R-like modifications
  • Equipped with L28 N42 engine and head
  • Comes with Nissan logo clear glass

The vehicle known as “Hakosuka”, made its debut in 1968 as the first new model from Nissan Prince. After four-door sedans, wagons and vans that had a more practical use for customers, the 2000GT (GC10) with a longer nose, equipped with a L20 2-liter inline six SOHC made its debut, as it was with the former Prince Skyline, the expectation rose within the motor sports world.

The next year in February 1969, the first Skyline GT-R (PGC10) was made with a 832 unit limited production.
When a short-wheelbase two-door hardtop joined the lineup in 1970, the only remaining GT-R was the two-door hardtop (KPGC10).

From the limited production units and short production term, there were many "Hakosuka" that were modified to resemble Hakosuka GT-R (PGC10) version.
This is also one the vehicles that were modified to GT-R.
In addition to modifications such as the front grille of the early model called "69", rear tail lights, wing, and clear glass, the engine was also converted to a N42 (L28) engine.
The N42 (L28) engine is known as the most sports car type among the L28 engines, and also the most suitable engine for customization. This example was kept in stock condition and has never been bored up. The N42 heads with a large manifold were also equipped to this vehicle.
With all these elements, this example is one that any owner would enjoy!


Chassis No. GC10-051454
Mileage 55,000km