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1982 HONDA RS1000 Racer

1982 HONDA RS1000 Racer

  • - A renowned Endurance World Championship racer
  • - A successful TT-F1 class road races results holder
  • - The same model that won the Suzuka 8 hours back in 1981
  • Produced during 1982 which was the final production year
  • - Factory built body, with remains of a removed plate at the left step area
  • - The engine is equipped with the RSC kit for privateers

Although the HONDA CB900F-based endurance racer ridden in Suzuka 8hours in 1979 was called "CB900F Kai (literally meaning ‘modified’)", the name of "RS1000" started to be used as the official name from the 1980 model. The RS 1000 which was sold as a kit part and complete from the RSC, the predecessor of the HRC, showed excellent performances at the World Endurance Championship by the factory and privateer.

The engine ensured the full displacement by having an air-cooled 4-stroke in-line 4-cylinder DOHC 4 valve 999.36 cc. The officially announced maximum power is 130ps or more / 9,500rpm, and the maximum torque is 10kgm / 7,500rpm (1981 model), but it is said that it was tuned up to 135ps / 11,500rpm ultimately.

The RS1000 manufactured under the TT-F1 regulation, which allowed remodeling of vehicle body more flexibly than the superbike regulation did, adopted the same double cradle frame as the CB900F. On the other hand, the RS1000 was built with chromoly and its shape was different from CB900F. The front fork axle holder is a quick type that is advantageous for tire replacement, and the rear swing arm is made of aluminum alloy. The dry weight is 165kg, which is much lighter than the mass produced CB900F by 67kg.

The RS 1000 succeeded not only in endurance races but also in road races regulated by TT-F1 of that time. The win claimed by the team of Mike Baldwin and David Aldana at the Suzuka 8hours in 1981 made Japanese fans excited. Equipped with the exposed sophisticated in-line 4-cylinder engine, its form has gained tremendous popularity among endurance race fans until today.

The RS1000 was delivered in various forms, including complete vehicles for leading teams and kit parts for privateers, and performed an important role in race scenes around the world. This example is manufactured in 1982, the final production year. The frame is built by the factory with remains of removed plate at the left step area and the engine is RSC kit. This is absolutely one of intriguing collectable examples for enthusiasts.




Engine No. 1008205