2018/11/17 SAT


SUZUKA Circuit


Team TAISAN was founded in 1983. Ever since, we have competed in various races, both domestic and overseas. In the 35 years of racing which started from the Japan Sports Prototype Championship (JSPC), we’ve raced in the Japan Touring Car Championship (JTC), Japan GT Championship (JGTC), Super GT and the Le Mans 24 Hour race.
As a result, we have been blessed to stack 79 wins in the record books. 2018 will mark the last racing season for Team TAISAN. Although each race car and each item are part of the team’s as well as Yasutsune Chiba’s history, we felt the importance of passing on these rare items to future generations. With the cooperation of BH Auction, we have been given this great opportunity to open this TAISAN Auction.
Without a doubt, it is difficult for me to part with the cars that I had adored for all these years. However, the joy of being able to share my passion for racing which had spanned for 35 years with all of you is overwhelming. My greatest gratitude to each and everyone that has made this day possible.

Team TAISAN Direcror and Owner
Yasutsune Chiba


Sponsorship : BINGO (BH AUCTION Co., Ltd.)

Sanno Park Tower Annex 2F, 2-11-1 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
TEL:03-5511-2777 /

SUZUKA Circuit

Pit Building 2F Hospitality Lounge No.4 - No.5

Auction Venue Information

2018/11/17 SAT

First Part TOY&PARTS
Secound Part CAR

*Advance bids are acceptable if you are unable to attend the auction.
*Please note that phtographs and videos
will be taken at the venue for live broadcast
and/or post-event publication.