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1995 HONDA NSX Type-R

1995 HONDA NSX Type-R

  • First generation NSX early special model commonly referred to as "92R"
  • One of only 157 units built in 1995 and 464 in total
  • Only 860km clocked on the odometer since new
  • Original, pristine condition

The “Type-R” made its debut in November 1992 as a special model of the first generation Honda NSX (first model / NA1). This Japan-made sports car, commonly referred to as the “92R”, is powered by a C30A 3.0-liter DOHC VTEC V6 engine which is also equipped with the NSX BASEGRADE. The weight and balance accuracy of the crankshaft, the piston, and the connecting rods is enhanced by utilizing the same precise manual assembly method as racing engines.

The use of aluminum and improvement for tens of items saved approximately 120 kg compared to the NSX BASEGRADE. In addition to the originally light NSX aluminum body, the car is equipped with aluminum bumpers, aluminum door beams, aluminum mesh for the engine maintenance lid, RECARO full bucket seats, MOMO steering wheels, titanium shift knob, less sound insulation materials.

This 1995 NSX Type-R (or 92R), with chassis no. NA1-1300280, has its body painted Grand Prix White (NH565) with red seats. The most remarkable aspect of this NSX is its mileage. With only 860km clocked on the odometer, it remains almost brand new. Amongst all the 464 “Type-R” vehicles having been made within three years, we are proud to say this extremely low mileage car is a rare find.




Chassis No. NA1-1300280
Mileage 860km