2020/01/11 SAT - 2020/01/12 SUN


TOKYO Terrada | January

1966 Honda S800

  • Fully restored by Garage Iwasa who specializes in the Honda S-series
  • An early model with a chain drive independent rear suspension
  • Rarely found car in mint condition

The S800 arrived on the car scene in 1966. It was the third edition of the S series and the successor of the S600. Equipped with the Keihin’s inline-four carburetor, equal length exhaust manifold, the precise high-revving engine increased its displacement from 606cc of S600 to 791cc. Also, boosting the maximum output to 70ps/8000rpm.

With S600, the body is available in two types; coupe and roadster. But with S800, a power bulge hood was added. Also, at first, the car was fitted with a chain drive independent rear suspension, a characteristic of the S500 but almost immediately changed to the 4-link panhard rod/rigid coil(live axle).

The car put up for auction is a early-model 1966 roadster, with a chain drive independent rear suspension. Restored by a specialist of Honda S series, Garage Iwasa, they have restored this car true to its original. The current owner is Mr. Katsuaki Kubota, who became the first driver to stand on the podium at Monaco. A celebrated figure in the world of historic racing, with a vast collection of cars from all over the world, Mr. Kubota praises the immaculate finish of this car as “The best among all”.




Chassis No. AS800-1000135
Mileage 6,100km