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1970 Nissan Fairlady Z432

1970 Nissan Fairlady Z432

  • Shares the famous S20 engine with the 1st generation Skyline GT-R
  • Only 419 unites were ever produced
  • Restored in 2013 and in very good condition

The original Fair Lady Z debuted in 1969. The car was a major reason the name “DUTSUN”, which was at that time used on cars being exported by Nissan, became famous around the world. It became a huge hit in Northern America and others due to its affordability and the fact that its performance and style matched those GTs from Europe.

This model lasted 10 years and 550, 000 cars were produced which was unheard of at that time for a sports car. Originally, the car’s body was only produced as a fastback, but later on a 2by2 model was added with the wheel base extended so it could carry four people. Known as the “G nose”, the FRP extension which emphasized its classic-look long nose was also popular among its fans.

The cars produced for North America, its main market, the engine was mainly 2.4-liter and for Japan 2-liter straight-six engine SOHC respectively. But a special sports engine was available for the Zs domestically. That option was the 2-liter DOHC S20 used in the 1st generation Skyline GT-R. This unit originates from the engine (R380) which Prince Motor Company developed for race cars. The engine modified for Nissan, which Prince Motor Company eventually merged with, had no rivals in the world of motor sports. Unfortunately, the engine did not win any major races with the Z, but the name of the car still honors this special engine. The 432 comes from the S20 whose cylinder consists of 4 valves, 3 carburetor (triple Mikuni Solex ) , and a twin camshaft DOHC. Thanks to emission regulations, only 419 cars were built. Even at that time, these cars were known as an exclusive Z which has only grown since then.

The car put of for auction was restored in Japan in 2013 and shipped to California before coming back to Japan this year. The color scheme (orange body color with matte black engine hood) replicates the 240Z that participated in the 41st Monte Carlo Rally in 1972. With Central 20 cast wheels replicating the original Gotti works wheel, the car has a feel perfect for discerning individuals. Engine condition remains excellent.




Chassis No. PS30-00166
Mileage 95,410km