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1970 Nissan Fairlady Z432R

1970 Nissan Fairlady Z432R

  • Lightweight Z432 produced as the base model for competition
  • Body panels are 0.2mm thinner to make the car lighter
  • More than 100kg lighter than the standard base model
  • Installed with a 100ℓ fuel tank for endurance racing
  • Extremely rare model with only 30 to 50 units said to exist

The “Z432” is the high-performance version of the S30-type Fairlady Z equipped with the same S20-type unit 2-liter DOHC as with the first generation Skyline GT-R. Based on the 432, a few (said to be 30-50 of them) “Z432R” were produced as a racing car base model.

What stands out is the fact that the weight was reduced by more than 100kg from the standard base model. The engine hood is made of FRP, body panels are 0.2mm thinner, and the side and rear windows are equipped with a light-weight acrylic version. Also, a special 100-liter fuel tank (standard is 60-liter) for endurance racing is installed.

The engine is basically the same as the Z432. But one of them, with the estimation of being tuned as a race-based car, has the air cleaner removed and carburetor’s funnel uncovered. The engine’s maximum output is the same 160ps/18kgm. Equipment such as the radio and heater are removed thus interior is simplified. Instead of a reclining seat, a bucket seat is installed. Only missing is a roll cage and it would be ready to race; it is a very spartan setting.

Many Fairlady Z-based S30s exist claiming to be “432R-typed” but this car with a chassis number “PS30-00289”, has the proof of a real “R”. The condition of the car is very good and is a must for a collector.




Chassis No. PS30-00289
Mileage 98,040 km