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TOKYO Terrada | January

1971 Nissan SKYLINE 2000 GT-R(KPGC10)

1971 Nissan SKYLINE 2000 GT-R(KPGC10)

  • Fully restored vehicle
  • Windshield and other glass parts fully renewed
  • Equipped with genuine race bucket seats in the front
  • Available with generous amounts of genuine spare parts
  • Very rare car in mint condition

The later model 2-door-body GT-R(KPGC10) was unveiled in 1970. A total of 1,197 were produced, but cars kept in good condition are on the decline. It has become very difficult finding a car in excellent condition. The car put up for auction, considering the situation, is in what can only be described in super-excellent condition with perfect quality.

Several years back, “Towa Body” a globally known classic car specialist, fully restored not only the body but chassis, suspension system, and even the plating. They are in better than mint condition. The attention to detail is amazing. For example, the front/rear windshield, the works bucket seat, which at that time was sold by the Prince Sports Corner, although they were out of stock, were found and fitted brand-new. Lots of “genuine” and “brand-new” parts were used during the restoration process.

The engine is of course fully over-hauled. The carburetor reflects the owner’s taste with the funnel type 44φ gold solex attached, but including the air cleaner, genuine steel wheel and original seat, etc. all comes with a spare. The body color “Inari Silver” is a color discerning individual would prefer. It is an extraordinary car.




Chassis No. KPGC10-000206
Mileage 67,990km