2020/01/11 SAT - 2020/01/12 SUN


TOKYO Terrada | January

1972 Nissan SKYLINE 2000 GT-R(KPGC10)

1972 Nissan SKYLINE 2000 GT-R(KPGC10)

  • Car in near-original good condition
  • Rare white color body (only 30% of production)
  • Equipped with various option parts (radio, heaters etc.)

The original GT-R was known for its silver body color. Especially, the 2 door KPGC10 was famous for this iconic coloring style. When you consider, of the 1197 produced about half were this color, it is understandable that is the case.

The car’s body color put up for this auction is not of this typical grey but white, which only about third of this production had. Fitted with a semi-bucket front seat, the overall condition of the car is fairly good. The inside of the door still has the protective vinyl cover. The odometer is at 5,2000 km. The body paint shows some crack due to its age but rust/deterioration is nonexistent. The front fender’s arch is widened so tires with wide treads can be attached. Other than that it, remains in its original condition.

Various equipments, such as radio, heater and headrest, that are necessary for the car to be considered a road-going GT, was all fitted when the car was brand new as options.


¥13,500,000 -

Chassis No. KPGC10-001499
Mieage 52,050km