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TOKYO Terrada | January

1973 Nissan SKYLINE 2000 GT-R(KPGC110)

  • Only 197 units were ever produced
  • Near original car in good condition
  • 43,460km on the odometer

Known for its catchphrase used in its advertisement “Ken and Mary’s Skyline” or “Ken-Mary”, the 4th edition established Skyline’s character that is still alive to this day. Like a lot of Japanese cars of this era, its sporty and luxurious exterior is rich in its influence from its American counterpart. On the lower part of the bodyside, it inherited the characteristic character-line from its predecessor known as the surfing line.

The four round break and tail lights were introduced to the car for the 2-door hardtop and 4-door GT models. The iconic look for they Skyline model was passed on until the 10th edition. But the C110-based KPGC110 became known for its unfortunate fate. Car fanatics will remember fondly of the glorious accomplishment the first Skyline and the revival of the third edition on the circuits. But the second edition, although its concept car was introduced to the public at the Tokyo Auto Show the previous year as a race car, never actually raced.

Not only that, it was on the market for only a few month during 1973. The actual number sold is said to be 197. Theory goes that the car was only produced to sell off the remaining engines it inherited from its predecessor, the 2-liter straight-six engine S20. Another theory is the number of carburetor available for the engine was only 197. Whatever the reason is, this car is known not for being the second of the GT-R line, but for its rarity.

The car put up for the auction is in near original condition. Other than the Watanabe wheel and suspension, no major altercation is evident. The odometer reads 43,460km. Considering the rarity of this car, the “Ken-Mary” GT-R is on the same level as the 2000GT. The value on the car is sure to rise.




Chassis No. KPGC110-000104
Mileage 43,460km