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1978 Fiat X1-9

1978 Fiat X1-9

  • Designed by Marcello Gandini
  • Gian Paolo Dallara participated in its structural design
  • Milestone for light-weight mid-ship sports cars
  • Officially imported by Toho Motors
  • Available with generous amounts of spare parts

Based on the Fiat 128 which debuted in 1972, the Sports spider was developed with Bertone in charge of development. The name “X1/9” means it was the 9th development model of the “X1 project” directed by FIAT at that time.

The first model only featured a 1.3-liter inline 4-cylinder engine in its lineup. In 1978, a 1.5-liter model was released to the public with a 5-speed MT as its transmission. More than 160,000 X1/9s were produced between 1989-1972. Including the FIVA version and Bertone version, various specifications depending on the country it was exported to exists.

This example is a X1/9 1300 of 1978. The car was officially imported by Toho Motors. Even though the car has a 1.3-liter inline 4-cylinder engine(128AS), due to changes to the vehicle emission control in 1976, the compassion ratio remained at 8.6 and maximum output of 66ps even though the European spec had an improved compassion ratio of 9.2. The Japanese spec weighs 930kg and was priced at that time, 2,227,000 yen brand new.

The example is equipped with standard third-party parts such as Campagnolo wheels and a Ense muffler. It comes with accessory parts such as the original steel wheel, rooftop spare, and North American spec original ladder bumper (front/back) due to the example being officially imported. It remains in great condition, and is easy to tell that the owner had taken great care of this example.



Chassis No. 128AS-0093678
Mileage 86,100km