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TOKYO Terrada | January

1979 Ferrari 308 GTB

1979 Ferrari 308 GTB

  • European spec model with 2-valve Weber carburetors
  • Officially imported by Cornes & Company Limited
  • Part of the Matsuda Collection
  • Owner’s manual, tool kit and jacks are all included

308GTB was announced to the public in 1975. When the V8 "small Ferrari" that Pininfarina S.p.A. designed, and body-maked by Scaglietti came out, it had a glass fiber body (712 produced). Compared to the steel body which came out right after it was approximately 150kg lighter, but due to lack of durability, the latter was much more popular. The car put up for auction also has a steel body. The Weber carburetor-equipped 308GTB is an European spec. This car was officially imported by the Cornes & Company Limited .

A world renowned Ferrari collector, Matsuda Collection kept this car for awhile, which explains the good condition. The black interior are all in good condition: gun metallic exterior (the original color was yellow), the still-working instruments and dashboard/console/saddle leather board. Campanallo wheels and engine room are all in beautiful shape. Owners manual, toolkit, jack are all included.


¥6,800,000 -

Chassis No. FERRARIF106AB30597J
Mileage 41,400km