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1982 Ferrari 512 BBi

1982 Ferrari 512 BBi

  • 4,943cc Boxer (Flat-12) engine
  • Equipped with a Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Injection
  • Final version of the 365/512 series
  • Production of 1007 units
  • This particular car was part of the Matsuda Collection

Enzo Ferrari developed the first V12 engine (Boxer-12 or Flat-12) with a 180 bank angle (A flat shape with close-to-horizontal angle) for Formula 1 in 1964. The street car-version of the V12 engine with the 180 bank angle was introduced in 1971.

The 356GT4BB, which was introduced at the Torino Auto Show, has a Pininfarina-designed Scaglietti-made elegant body that can handle a mid-engine design. Unlike the ladder-frame design for the previous cars, applying the space frame technology to the truss-structured frame, this car brought a lot of attention upon itself as the flagship model that signaled the beginning of the new era of Ferrari.

The inner structure and part of the outer panel is made of steel, but the door, nose and tail were aluminum, and for the first time glass fiber was used underneath the body. The engine fitted with the dry sup technology was installed at the back of the driver; a mid-engine design. The radiator is positioned at the front of the smallish front trunk. The displacement was expanded in 1976 from 4,390cc of the 365GT4BBt to 4,943cc with the 512BB. Additionally, in 1981, to pass the emission regulation, the Bosch K-Jetronic injection was installed to the 512BBi which was introduced to the public at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Between 1981 and 1984, 1007 512BBi were manufactured. When the production was canceled, Director of Manufacturing Sergio Scaglietti is said to have sadly announced that “The BBi is the last completely hand-made Ferrari”. The car put up for auction was owned by the world-renowned Ferrari collector, Matsuda Collection (They said to have had a total of 4, 512BBis) is dressed up with an elegant combination of “Rosso Corsa” red exterior and tan interior. The overall condition well kept and easy-to-operate ignition due to injection specification, this is a perfect introduction car for the vintage Ferrari beginner.




Chassis No. ZFFJA09B000043033
Mileage 25,600km