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1984 Lamborghini Countach LP5000S

1984 Lamborghini Countach LP5000S

  • Only 321 units produced
  • One of two cars imported to Japan as new
  • Rare car in its original condition
  • Well maintained engine and other mechanicals

At the 1971 Geneva Auto Show, the prototype of the Lamborghini Countach, LP500 was revealed. Marcelo Gandhini, who was working for Belone’s design studio, drew up the stylish, edgy, and above all, revolutionary designed car. The distinctive scissors door which certainly leaves an impression, definitely helped this epoch making model engrave the concept of “supercar” into people’s mind. Its name shines brightly in the history of cars. When the production of this car started in 1974, the unique futuristic design attracted major attention among the wealthy all around the world. The fact that this car had a long shelf life, for 17 years (from 1974 to 1990) to be exact, shows how the styling did not go out of vogue and how innovative it was.

The Countach made constant improvements producing such vehicles as, prototype LP500(1 car produced), LP400(150 produced), LP400S(237 produced), LP5000S/500S(321 produced), 5000QV(632 produced), Anniversary (657 produced) and finally in 1990, passed the torch of Lamborghini’s flagship model to Diablo. LP5000S(sometimes called LP500S) which made its debut in 1982, was equipped with a 60 degree V-type 12-line DOHC24 valve engine with a displacement of 4,754 cc with an increased bore/stroke ratio. The carburetor is the same as the LP400S, which used Weber’s 45DCOE side draft, which had a maximum output of 375ps. Since the LP400S had a maxim output of 353ps, the power looks as if it increased but number-wise LP400, which is the first model listed its maximum output of also 375ps as its catalogue spec.

But with LP400, the maximum output achieved was at 8000rpm and compared to this, LP5000S achieved the maximum output at 7000rpm thus attaining a massive torque of 41.7kgm. By changing the gear ratio to high-geared, the five-speed manual transmission achieved a more driver friendly disposition. The car put up for auction is one of the two LP5000S that was imported to Japan brand new. The condition remains in its original condition. The paint shows 37 years of wear and tear but the overall condition is good, especially the interior condition is kept in beautiful shape. The engine and other mechanicals are in good condition. The engine ignites with ease. The driver will enjoy the dynamic driving experience of the huge exhaust multi-cylinder engine. Only 321 units were produced. It is a rare find model.



Chassis No. ZA9C00500ELA12671
Mileage 17,700km