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1990 Ferrari Testarossa

1990 Ferrari Testarossa

  • Officially imported by Cornes & Company Limited
  • Later year model with Ferrari’s standard 5 bolt pattern wheels
  • Equipped with Bosch KE-Jetronic Fuel Injection
  • Exterior, interior and mechanicals in good condition

Testarossa means “red head=red-colored cam cover” in Italian. It has a special meaning for Ferrari, going back to the 1950s when cars like 250TR and 500TR were winning races. The legendary name was inherited by the flagship model “Testarossa” which succeeded the 512BBi in 1984 and became widely known to the public.

The Testarossa was introduced on October of 1984 at the Paris Salon. As was with the BB series, the Testarossa is equipped with a 180-degree bank angle, V-type 12-line engine in a midship layout. The displacement is 4,943cc and the fuel supply uses the same Bosch KE-Jetronic Fuel as the 512BBi but by making it a 4-valve, the suction efficiency is improved. The maximum output is 390ps/5,750rpm, maximum torque is 50kgm/4,500rpm according to the European official catalogue spec, but for North American, Swiss and Japanese spec, due to the emission gas regulations, it is 380ps / 5,750rpm and 48kgm/4,500rpm respectively. In addition to the specs being down-graded the first and second gear ratio are lowered.

To guide the air to the radiators on the side of the car, the air intake is designed in a slit-shaped cover that extends from the door to the rear fender, the most eye-catching part of the design of the Testarossa. From 1984 to 1986, the earlier models were designed to comply with the Italian regulation and thus in the middle of the A pillar, the side mirror was attached (a single mirror on the driver-side only). In 1987 as a minor change, the mirror was attached to the base of the A-pillar which was much more popular.

In 1989, another minor change was made, when the wheel was changed from the center-lock to the popular 5-bolt pattern wheel. The alignment was changed also, realizing a more sure-handling feel. The car put up for auction was officially imported to Japan by Cornes and Company Limited in 1990. With a Rosso Corsa exterior and a black interior, it is a classic Ferrari coordination. The odometer reads 38,970km.

Because it is a later year model, the fuel supply is a Bosch KE-Jetronic Fuel. The former owner, Shigeru Watanabe, is a known tuner of the S20-type engine for the Nissan GT-R(PGC10, KPGC10, KPGC110). Known as a collector of Ferraris, who used to own the F40LM, his maintenance skills are highly regarded. He has kept good care of this car and the all-around condition of the car is excellent.




Chassis No. ZFFSA17JAP0084635
Mileage 38,970km