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1992 Porsche 911RS Clubsport(M003/N-GT)

1992 Porsche 911RS Clubsport(M003/N-GT)

  • Hard to find M003/NGT with only 290 units ever produced
  • Odometer reading at 47,970km
  • Street-legal racing spec vehicle
  • Equipped with Speedline 3-piece wheels

The 964-type Carrera RS comes with 2 option codes besides the RS basic: “M002/RS touring” and “M003/NGT”. The “M001” is a code given to pure racing one-make racing cars.
The car put up for auction is a “M003/NGT”. With a reinforced body including the welded roll cage assembled at Weisach for one make racing, 3.6-liter flat-six engine that generates 260ps, reinforced clutch, reinforced suspension, reinforced brakes, 17inch magnesium cup wheels, flame-retardant RECARO bucket seat (with a Porsche logo embroidery), etc., it is almost a racing spec model. The NGTs RS models after 993 also inherited the subgroup name “Club Sports”, acknowledging how the car’s quality was for highly-skilled clubman drivers.
Of the more than 2000 964-typed Carrera RS produced, only 290 NGT were ever produced. A very rare model, indeed. No authorized Japanese dealer for this car existed so, this car put up for auction was also imported on a parallel import basis. The odometer reads only 47,970km. The current owner, who is still an active Porsche Carerra Cup driver in his 70s, has taken great care mainly driving this car on the circuit.
A owner of current and previous RS models, he has taken excellent care of these cars and thus are in very good condition. Equipped with a rare Porsche original Speedline 3-piece wheels with most of the maintenance records present, it is a high quality NGT.




Chassis No. WP0ZZZ96ZNS499177
Mileage 42,970km