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1995 Lamborghini Diablo SE30 jota

1995 Lamborghini Diablo SE30 jota

  • One of twelve examples with an in-line assembled “Jota kit”
  • 139th example to be produced as the “SE30”
  • Equipped with 595ps race car-level engine
  • Maintaining overall good condition, odometer displays 31,320km

A special limited version of the Lamborghini was announced at the Automobile Lamborghini 30th anniversary event “Lamborghini Day3” on September, 1993. This was Diablo SE30. “SE” stands for “Special Edition” and SE30 was based on the Diablo RWD model, the exterior included a special designed bumper spoiler, side skirt, adjustable flap-equipped rear wing, rear grill with a special emblem, and OZ racing-made special designed front 17 inch, rear 18 inch alloy wheel.

For the interior, special carbon fiber is used lavishly and fabrics such as Alcantara are used to display a luxurious feel. It is equipped with a special bucket seat with a four-point harness. Only 150 SE30, with the engine specially tuned were produced, it is viewed as a special car among the Lamborghini enthusiast.

Using SE30 as its base, equipped with an even higher powered race car-level engine, is the Diablo SE30 “Jota”. This machine is considered special among the enthusiasts, as it revived the legendary “SVJ”, code name “J=Jota”, a car that existed during the Lamborghini Miura days.

The Diablo Jota, was born as a race machine due to collaborating efforts between JLOC/Terai Engineering, who was racing in the Japan GT Championship and Lamborghini Engineering. Three cars, “PO.1”,”PO.2”,”PO.3” were produced. “PO.1” raced for JGTC between 1995-1998. “PO.2” was supposed to race in endurance races such as the Suzuka 1000 and Le Mans 24 Hours, but it never did.

The “PO.3”, was created as a street car with a special engine capable of producing 620ps. Lamborghini enthusiasts around the world, clamored for “an equally high spec model” for themselves, in which the Lamborghini answered with a “SE30 Jota”.

The “SE30 Jota” was added as the SE30’s latter-produced model, equipped with various machinery known as the “Jota kit” such as a new L.I.E(ECU) program, cold air in-take system, light-weight cam shaft, and a special engine capable of maximum output of 595ps / 7300rpm and maximum torque of 65.3kgm /4800rp.

The exterior, except for the specially designed air intake system for the scoop engine hood, no major changes were made, making it hard to tell if it is a Jota. But with engineers responsible for the development of F1 engines in charge of this race engine, the car is on a different level as a street car-including the sound. The car is highly thought of by passionate Lamborghini fans who are in constant pursuit of stimulating and passionate driving.

A total of 28 “Jota kit” engines have been produced. 12 of them have been assembled in-line at Diablo SE30 production line for the “SE30 Jota”. 14 of them were distributed by dealers around the world to existing SE30s as part of the “Jota kit”. The last two remained as spares at the Lamborghini factory, but one of them was said to be the base of the US-produced “Jota Evolution”.

The car offered here is the 139th example of the 150 produced. A rare example with the “Jota kit” installed during the production line. The odometer reads 31,320km. The engine and its related parts remain in good condition. Only 26 “SE Jota” exists, of those “production-line produced models” are even a rarer kind. These cars are going to become harder to find on the market, an absolutely great chance to get ahold of this treasure.



Chassis No. ZA9DE22A0RLA123139
Mileage 31,320km