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1963 Ferrari 250GTE 2+2 Series 3

1963 Ferrari 250GTE 2+2 Series 3

  • Ferrari’s first 2+2 production model
  • 955 units produced
  • Shares the Tipo 128 (detuned version) with the 250GTO
  • Final Series 3 model released in 1963

The 250GT series is extremely popular as a historical masterpiece among vintage Ferraris. Masterpieces such as the 250GT Tour de France, 250GT SWB, 250GT RUSSO, and 250GT California Spider exist, however, among all of these masterpieces, the legendary racing machine that has an astronomically high value is the 250 GTO. The 250GTE is the same as the legendary machine, is equipped with a 2,953cc V-type 12-cylinder engine (equipped with a detuned compressed Tipo 128E) and is the only 2+2 production within the 250GT series.

This example is a 1963 series 3 with a combination of Rosso body color and cream leather interior. The mileage is 69,000 km and is maintained in good condition. Overall, 955 units in total were produced among a span of 4 years from 1960 to 1963.

The 250GT series is a popular brand that maintains a very expensive market within the vintage car market. However, the basics are the same as 250GT SWB and 250GTO, and they are often used as the base of elaborate replicas and valued at more reasonable prices yet are declining year by year. It is the first 2+2 mass produced Ferrari, and more than all, extremely elegant in the sense that you can enjoy the Tipo 128E, and the 250 GTE can be an extremely great and enjoyable car for adults who are car enthusiasts.




Chassis No. FERRARI250GTE4517
Mileage 69,300km