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TOKYO Terrada | January

1964 Porsche 356SC

1964 Porsche 356SC

  • SC model with a powerful 95hp engine
  • Matching chassis and engine numbers
  • Both exterior and interior in near-original good condition

The performance of the Porsche 356 series made Porsche one of the most recognizable sports maker, but also was a big success commercially. The 356C/SC is thought of as the final model of its evolution. SC is in the lineup as the high-performance version of the 356C. The engine had displacement of 1600cc and equipped with SOLEX40 P11-4 dual carburetor. By enhancing the ratio to 9.5:1, it achieved 95hp which was considered to be very power at that time. Also, as an original, it was equipped at-that-time rare 4-wheel disc brakes, even in today’s standard it shows excellent performance. The car put up for auction was made in 1964, guards red body color, with black leather seats. Probably because this owner owns several excellent cars and keeps the car inside a garage, the interior/exterior, engine peripherals are all in good condition. The car can be driven comfortably right now and sometimes in stimulating fashion by enjoying the air cooled Porsche original drive feel.




Chassis No. 129337
Mileage 15,810mile