Porsche Carrera Cup Japan (PCCJ) 2019 Round 5 Final Results


2019/05/26 SUN

Having totally 11 races in 2019 season for PCCJ, we have already reached the middle of the way. After 4 rounds in Okayama and Fuji, we are here at Suzuka Circuit in Mie where the final round is held as the support race of Formula 1 Grand Prix in November.

Today, the 5th round took place under a perfect sunshine which was getting stronger second by second and glaring down the circuit road.

At four-twenty-ish in the afternoon, all the cars were set on the starting grid after the formation lap. Since this race was hosted not only by PCCJ but also PCCA, finding yourself amongst all those totally 44 cup-cars seemed like a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

One out of several irregular regulations applied this time was a ‘rolling start’. #19 Porsche Japan Junior Programme, UKYO SASAHARA turned the first corner with no one in front of him and broadened the gap with #78 TAKUYA OTAKI (SKY RACING) who started from the 2nd grid.

#9 BINGO RACING, SHINJI TAKEI showed his stable driving from the beginning at 4th position. #60 BINGO RACING/LM Corsa, RYO OGAWA also remained at the 7th. #7 D’station Porsche, SATOSHI HOSHINO was driving at the 6th seeing OGAWA chasing him. This young BINGO racer pushed to overtake HOSHINO at overtaking points, but this experienced driver didn’t allow him easily. OGAWA was driving 7th for a while and finally passed HOSHINO at the first corner of LAP5.

During the LAP6, #34 air-J & TeamKRM, YUDAI UCHIDA slid off the track at the Degner Curve and #60 OGAWA stepped up to the 5th where is just behind his teammate #9 TAKEI.

Due to an accident caused by one of the PCCA drivers who had been entertaining the spectators by his aggressive driving, the yellow flag was waved. Deployed safety car eventually led the gorgeous parade of over 40 cup cars till the checkered flag.

The 5th round has come to the end with the pole-to-win by #19 SASAHARA while #31 Nine Racing, YUTA KAMIMURA at 3rd.

Bingo Racing // LM Corsa
#9 SHINJI TAKEI 4th place
#60 RYO OGAWA 5nd place
#51 TSUGIO HARUYAMA 19th place


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