Porsche Carrera Cup Japan (PCCJ) 2019 Round 6 Final Results


2019/05/27 MON

It was the weekend of PCCJ round 5-6 out of 11 races in 2019 season. Porsche Carrera Cup Asia (PCCA) joined PCCJ for the first-ever joint races this time.

The temperature steadily went up starting from the early morning, and the track temperature had reached 41℃ by noon when the race began.

PCCA cup cars commenced the race ahead of PCCJ this day. Although the PCCA race was quite aggressive the day before and we kept an eye on how they would pass the first corner, it started without any confusion.

Then the race for PCCJ 6th round also started. #19 UKYO SASAHARA for Porsche Japan Junior Programme who had won the previous day and also started the race as a pole-sitter passed the corners without hassles. #78 TAKUYA OTAKI (SKY RACING) and #31 Nine Racing, YUTA KAMIMURA followed him.

Meanwhile, #60 RYO OGAWA for BINGO RACING/LM Corsa started from the 5th grid, overtook #7 SATOSHI HOSHINO for D’station Porsche at the first corner and went up to the 4th position.

Daring attacks by PCCA drivers caused a couple of yellow flag cautions from the beginning of the race. At the midway of the race, the safety car came into the track and led the cup cars’ parade. Once it went back the pit lane, the race resumed and 3 top cars of PCCJ overtook the PCCA cars aggressively, which made the restart exciting.

During the final lap, #31 KAMIMURA left the race due to a crash with #78 OTAKI at the Chicane and #60 OGAWA went up to the 3rd position. He took the checkered flag eventually.

#60 OGAWA, who showed his smiling at the provisional award ceremony, was slid up to the 2nd place after the investigation of the accident at the chicane between #31 KAMIMURA and #78 OTAKI, and #9 SHINJI TAKEI who started from 6th grid finally finished 4th.

Bingo Racing // LM Corsa

#60 RYO OGAWA  2nd place

#9 SHINJI TAKEI  4th place

Nine Racing

#32 HIDEKI NAGAI 18thplace

#31 YUTA OGAWA 20thplace

PCCJ heads into the round 7-8 at Fuji Speedway, where the Porsche Sportcar Together Day takes place on Sat, Jun 15 and Sun, Jun 16, 2019.

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