“auto sport web Sprint Cup” Race results


2019/11/24 SUN

On 11/23-24, “SUPER GT X DTM Joint Race” was held at the Fuji Speedway in front of scores of excited auto fans. BH AUCTION in alliance with Callaway competition, raced in the “auto sport web Sprint Cup” which featured GT300 cars with a Corvette C7 GT3-R.

“First day: Official Practice”

At the first official practice on the first day, in the rain Ukyo Sasahara driving the Corvette C7 GT3-R for the first time, marked the leading time, 1 minute 50 seconds 807. At the second official practice, in wet condition and dealing with a red flag, Shinji Takei, CEO of our company finished 5th among the 12 cars that raced.

“2nd Day: Qualifying”

Although the Corvette C7 GT3-R recorded the top time at the practice in the rain, the decision to use slick tire in the light rain resulted in a 12th place finish in the qualifying.

“3rd day: Race 1”

In the first race, starting from 12th position, the Corvette C7 GT3-R driven by Takei passed 3 cars before the pit stop. With 40 minutes remaining, Ukyo Sasahara took over. Sasahara had multiple fastest times and on the 14th lap, during the hairpin curve, overtook HOPPY 86, finishing 6th. After the preliminary medal ceremony, the grid was decided by a drawing of the lottery by the winner. This resulted in a reverse grid for the second race. Due to this drawing, the 6th place BH AUCTION CORVETTE GT3 won the poll position for the next day.

“Day 4: Race 2”

At the second race, Ukyo Sasahara starting from the pole position, maintained the holeshot. He repeatedly recorded the fastest lap during the race, extending the lead. With 20 minutes left, Takei took over and was passed by two GT300s but finished third. Resulting in a podium finished.

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