Nobuteru Taniguchi Lots


2020/06/21 SUN

SUPERGT GT GT300 class, #4 GOODSMILE RACING & Team UKYO driver Nobuteru Taniguchi has decided to consign!

In 2002, the racing suit that Taniguchi wore when he debuted from the SUPER GT predecessor, JGTC, from RE Amemiya, and the amazing super-endurance that won the series title in 2005, winning 7 consecutive wins with fellow driver Manabu Orido, 22 racing suits, such as the old-fashioned ADOVAN suits, will be exhibited.

Among the suits, there is one item that Taniguchi went ahead and ordered himself because he got tired of wearing the suit the team provided and also another rare upper and lower separate type racing suit among the many.

The model worn for SUPER GT will also showcase the very valuable racing suits worn during the 2014 and 2017 seasons, when the current team GOOD SMILE RACING won the season championship.

If you wish to bid, please complete your membership registration by July 25th from the SUPER GT Online Charity Auction special page.

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The application period is until Saturday, July 25th, so please register as soon as possible!

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