1989 Ferrari F40

1989 Ferrari F40

  • Ferrari’s 40th Anniversary model
  • Limited production of 1,311 units
  • Officially imported by Cornes & Company Limited
  • 16,200km on the odometer
  • Racing inspired modifications with aftermarket parts

Manufactured as a 40th year anniversary model for Ferrari, the F40 is a midship layout “Supercar” considered special even within the very special Ferrari Speciale. Its popularity is unmatched. Addition to the fact that it is the last car the founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari, personally approved before the end of his great career, it is also the last of its kind to realize in detail, the core concept of this car company: “A car that can be brought straight off the streets on to the circuit.” For these reasons, the F40 will be forever talked about among car lovers around the world as one and only of its kind.

As with the Ferrari-produced racing cars in the 1960s, the car consists of a space frame composed of oval steel pipe tubular frame and at-that-time state of the art compound material and structural adhesives. With these materials and technologies, the car attained a half-monocoque structure, which in turn enabled the car to gain enough rigidity needed to perform as a race car.

Pininfarina completed the body exterior and cowl also using compound materials. The interior is rid of extra decoration which leads to a spartan impression. It is exactly what “A car that can be brought straight off the streets on to racetrack” is supposed to look like.

Powertrain can create up to a maximum output of 478ps/7,000rpm and maximum torque of 577Nm/4,000rpm thanks to the improvement of the 2936cc V-type 8 cylinder DOHC twin turbo (Tipo F120A) used in Evoluzione 288GTO and 288GTO. Weighing 1250kg, the car is truly a supercar, reaching a top speed of 324km/h.

This car is put up for auction by Cornes and Company Limited. An authorized imported car, it has only 16,200km on its odometer and is in good condition all around. With O/Z racing wheels, QUANTUM’s height-adjustable suspension and LM-type rear wing, the car is modified to have a more racing-car-feel to the exterior but when you compare the looks to Ferrari’s core concept “A car that can be brought straight off the streets on to racetrack” you understand that it has struck a great balance between its design and functionality.


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Mileage 16,200km